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MAX’s Wine Dive - Purchase Tickets                


« MAX’s Wine Dive and Texas Monthly present: “Dinner to the MAX,” featuring Dan Gatlin from Inwood Estates Vineyards and Texas Monthly food editor, Pat Sharpe

« $165 per person, inclusive of tax and gratuity, advance ticket purchase only

« 6:30 – 9:00 p.m. at MAX’s Wine Dive, 4720 Washington Avenue.


Dinner to the MAX MENU


The Houston Cellar Classic kicks off with “Dinner to the MAX,” a culinary extravaganza featuring a special MAX’s Wine Dive menu, Dan Gatlin of Texas’ own Inwood Estates Vineyards, and Texas Monthly food editor, Pat Sharpe.


We will pair Gatlin’s three outstanding Texas wines with a special Texas-style menu from MAX’s Wine Dive, and taste the wines against three of the same types of wine from around the world. During our dinner, Gatlin will describe his 20-year obsession and quest to find the perfect grapes and soil conditions for creating world-class wines in the State of Texas.  According to The Tasting Room and MAX’s Wine Dive Wine Director, Michael Housewright, Dan and his wife have bottled the finest wines ever produced in the state – wines worthy of a “world-class” designation.


Also during the evening, diners will hear from Pat Sharpe, Texas Monthly food editor and author of the acclaimed article, “Confessions of a Skinny Bitch.”  Ms. Sharpe has spent more than 30 years at Texas Monthly and she has many great stories about her experiences as an editor, food reviewer, and frequent traveler.  Don’t miss this opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the real life of someone who gets paid to eat out.

Seating is very limited – be sure to purchase your tickets early.  MAX’s Wine Dive is a small restaurant, with a large number of seats at the bar that spans the length of the shotgun-style space.  There are four leather booths, each of which can seat up to 6 people.  These booths are available for $990 each (you may have from two to six people in your booth).  There are 6 two-top tables, each available for $330.  There is one large booth – MAX’s Signature Booth – which seats 10 people.  MAX’s Signature Booth is available for $1,650 (you may host six to 10 people in that booth).  If you purchase one of the booths or tables, we will contact you prior to the event to confirm the number of people in your party.  Fifteen bar seats are available at $165 each.

The Tasting Room at Uptown Park - Purchase Tickets


« Riedel Crystal Demonstration and Tasting with Maximilian Riedel 

« $120 per person, advance ticket purchase only

« 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. in TTR Gourmet, at The Tasting Room in Uptown Park, 1101-18 Uptown Park Blvd.


Join Maximilian Riedel at TTR Gourmet in Uptown Park as he demonstrates how the shape and construction of a wine glass can affect the aroma and taste of your wine.  The Riedel family has been creating fine crystal for more than 250 years, spanning 11 generations, and the family is recognized the world over as the preeminent creators of crystal wine glasses.  Maximilian Riedel has been active in the company since 1997 and currently is the CEO of Riedel Crystal of America.  Additionally, he has designed the globally successful "O" line and two of the best selling decanter designs.  Mr. Riedel will guide you through a tasting of great wines using Riedel’s latest line of stemware: Vitis.  The Vitis line of stemware was released in July of 2007.  Taste and compare various wines in four different Vitis glasses, and experience the difference between drinking from a Riedel glass and an “ordinary” wine glass.  Each participant will take home their tasting set of four Vitis glasses (a $140.00 retail value) as well as a greater appreciation for the impact a wine glass can have on the wine within it.  Following the tasting and demonstration, Riedel stemware will be available for retail purchase.


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