January 9th, 2007   

The Tasting Room

TTR Franchises are here!  Click to our website for more details at www.tastingroomwines.com

> The Nitty Gritty:
Say Cheese!:  Now available at TTR Uptown, gourmet Artisinal Cheese Platters and Charcuterie Platters to go!  To place your order, call 713.993.9800.  
It's Like a Debit Card, Only Cooler:  Don't forget, TTR now has gift cards!
MAX's WINE DIVE: Will be closed this Sunday for a private party.  MAX's will reopen as always at 5PM Tuesday.  MAX's can be rented for special events and wine tastings.  Please contact our events coordinator, Quinn Hoang for details. 




Hello TTR Faithful, for those who don't know me, my name is Michael Housewright, and I am the director of wine sales for TTR and MAX's wine dive.  I have been on staff since early October and have helped launch our exciting new locations, The Tasting Room River Oaks, and MAX's Wine Dive.  During the opening process I have had the chance to meet many of you, and now that much of my behind the scenes work has been done, I will be spending most of my time, meeting and servicing the needs of our amazing clients.

Beginning this week, I will be spending most of my days and evenings at our River Oaks location.  I will be taking names and emails of folks who would be interested in receiving email updates on new products and highly allocated wines.

I have been in the fine wine industry for over 10 years and have a history of making great friends with clients wherever I have worked.  I want to get to know you, your tastes in wine and food, and what makes you happy as a client.  Service is my top priority, and I assure you, I will do all in my power to make you happy.

If you would like to be added to our new TTR Brokers newsletter which will tell you all about new wines, trends in wine, TTR wine classes, and wine events, simply reply to this newsletter, or email me directly.  I look forward to meeting many of you.


Michael Housewright

1101-18 Uptown Park Blvd. Houston, TX 77056 
(713) 993-9800 

114 Gray Street
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 528-6402


TTR - River Oaks

2409 W. Alabama

Houston, TX 77098

(713) 526-2242



MAX's Wine Dive

4720 Washington Ave. B

Houston, TX 77007

(713) 880-8737





The Tasting Room is happy to offer the following new wines for 2007. REMEMBER, The Tasting Room is a retail wine shop, and all bottles may be purchased to take home at a retail price with SUBSTANTIAL DISCOUNTS for volume purchases.  All our case prices are mix and match, meaning you could buy one wine for $75 and 5 for $11.99 and get 10% of all 6.  We are committed to being your low price wine provider.


SAROCCO PNOT NERO (Noir) - One of the best pinots I have ever tasted from Italy.  This wine drinks so smoothly I had to check and make sure it had alcohol.  Obvious ripe cherry fruit and a little spice.  This is what pinot noir should taste like.  Dave and I tried this after trying three shirazes, and it stood up beautifully.

$27.99 btl 6-11btls $25.19 12-35btls $23.79

36 or more bottles ONLY $22.39


MASSENA EPSILON SHIRAZ 2004 - This excellent value red received 91pts from Robert Parker.  We are the only game in town for this tremendous wine.  Rich and ripe with intense meaty aromas, coupled with a long and memorable finish I am unaccustomed to tasting in a wine at this price.  We have 28 cases to sell and I assure you it will go fast!

$21.99 btl 6-11 btls $19.79 12-35 btls $18.69

36 or more bottles $17.59 WOW!


THE WOLFTRAP  Syrah Blend - From South Africa comes this mouthful of flavor.  One of the best values we have ever had at TTR.  We sell a case a day at MAX's Wine Dive.  The wine is mostly syrah with cinsault, mourvedre, and a little bit of the white grape, viognier.  This drinks so smoothly you will have to open another.

$10.99 btl 6-11btls $9.89 12-35 btls $9.34

36 or more bottles $8.79


ANNE AMIE Pinot Gris - From the producers of our best selling Pinot Noir comes this gorgeous Pinot Gris.  No Pinot Grigio I have had this year stands up to this lovely wine from Oregon.  Very pretty, with bright apple flavors upfront, followed by one of the silkiest feelings any white wine has given me in awhile.  We hope this will be a new favorite for you as well.

$21.99 btl 6-11btls $19.79 12-35 btls $18.69

36 or more bottles $17.59


UPTOWN - Feature Events


Thursday, January 11th.  JAWAD at Uptown Park.  7-10pm.

We found this guy at a Kroger playing one night, and now he is a TTR Celebrity.  If Jawad were only allowed to play with paper clips and an old comb, I would watch him perform.  The music is chill and the mood even more so.  TTR Uptown is the place for Thursday night, without a doubt!


Saturday, January 13th. 2-4pm.   The $5 Wine TASTING!

Tony is the Sommelier and you are the lucky customers who get to try what he picks out on a weekly basis. 8 ounces of wine for $5 is a steal, plus you get the money back if you buy a bottle.  Why not?


Saturday, January 13th.  9PM-12AM

The Trade

We have these guys out on a weekly basis and the reason is, they are that good.  If you have not been to Uptown on a Saturday lately, don't miss out.  We have lots of seating, and many new wines to try.


MIDTOWN - Feature Events

STAY TUNED for some EXCITING CHANGES! to our Midtown location.  We have heard our audience and will be pleased to show off very soon.

In the meantime, come on in and enjoy some great wine at great prices.  Lee and Andi are two of the city's most beloved service folks.


River Oaks - Feature Events

Thursday, January 11th.  The Trade 7-10pm.

OK, River Oaks, we have been here 2 months and we want to see more of you in our locale.  TTR RO is the place to be for great wine, fabulous music, and a super cool bar staff who will treat you like royalty. 

Saturday, January 13th 2-4PM  The $5 Wine Tasting

Join Me, Michael Housewright, this Saturday at Our River Oaks location, where I will be pouring the hottest new wines in the house and offering huge discounts on wine to take home.  I have not met nearly enough of you, so come on in, and I will introduce myself over a glass of vino!


Saturday, January 13th 9PM-12AM  Jawad

The TTR River Oaks hero of music undefined, but cool as hell is back in the house.  If you have not hung out with us while Jawad was in town, you need to make arrangements.  He is super cool.




You can order ANY WINE from us, from anywhere!  If you can order wine from any other retailer, you can order the same wine from us.  And we will make you the best deal in town, period!  Give us a chance, if we don't have what you are looking for, we will get it, and we will beat anybody's price in town....ANYBODY!

Give us a call or email and ask for Tony or Michael!

Tony Elsinga - Head Sommelier 

Michael Housewright - Director of Wine Sales


Michael Housewright