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Guest Testimonials -  TTR-CITYCENTRE


“All you really need to know, is get an order of truffle fries and the wine! It’s rare that I give out 5 stars, because I feel like 5 stars needs to go to a place that blows my mind, or, in this case, something that becomes a very steady go-to place that I would recommend. I love coming to this place for their happy hour after work because they have good drinks and decent food. Their dinner menu is quite pricey, but I really my go-to order is a glass of wine, or a bottle, if I’m sharing, maybe a pizza, but definitely, I always get an order of truffle fries!

Wine: They have a varied selection of wines here, and I appreciate the fact that their staff is quite knowledgable about their wines and can give good recommendations. I always like to sample it before I get it though, just because you never know how your tastes compare to the staff’s. I really enjoy sweeter wines, and my favorite is probably the bosio moscato because it is a bit bubbly, not overpowering, but has a sweet taste to it was a crisp finish. The only downside to a place like this however, is most of what they sell are in bottles and they don’t have many options for just a glass of wine. Albeit, it is more than your typical restaurant, but I would have hoped that they would have a wider variety of wines by the glass. Their bottles are decently priced because I feel like they are worth the amount that you pay, however, that amount can range from $40-$100 for a bottle of wine here, so I hope your taste is proportional to the size of your wallet.

Food: Like I mentioned earlier, I always get an order of truffle fries here. They give you a pretty hefty portion in a cone and it’s seasoned very well with plenty of parmesan and truffles and comes with a delicious garlic aioli. While the main entrees may be a bit on the pricier side of things, the fries are yummy and they don’t break the bank for a big portion. If you’re looking for something on the more affordable side of things, they have a great selection of personal pizzas and their burgers aren’t too bad either.

Atmosphere: This is a really casual place, and it’s great to meet up with friends and just grab a drink after work. They also have outdoor seating where you can enjoy a cigar that they sell as well. They have plenty of space to sit on the inside, but at certain peak hours, it can get a bit crowded and there may be a wait depending on how many people are in your party. On Friday nights, they have live entertainment as well. It’s also nice that since it’s part of city center, you can always walk around before or after so there’s always something to do.

Service: They have pretty good service, with very cordial staff members who are polite and knowledgable about what their menu. Overall, I was satisfied with their service.

As mentioned, this is a solid go-to place for wine and a nice night with friends, and the fries really just push it over the top to give it that 5 star rating!” - Cathy P.


“Invited to an anniversary party in one of the party rooms where the spread of food was tasty and wine selection was good. The staff was attentive and professional. There is a great outside area that is probably nice in the cooler weather.”Dan D.


“I just wanted to compliment your staff, especially our server Esther. I was part of a large party that you were so kind to accommodate. She was wonderful and really handled the size of our party well. It made for a really fun, not to mention tasty, night. Thanks.” - Chad I.


“Came on a Sunday afternoon me and my sweetie. Enjoyed some food beer and wine. Music was great. We will be back. Service was excellent and the manager was cool. Quite the place in Town and Country.” - Bill Ruff T.